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Leah Crane


No stranger to the international competition scene, British power house Leah Crane has a stacked 23 years of climbing under her belt. Securing 3 British Bouldering Champion titles and scooping 11th place in the overall World Cup rankings, and she's still on the way up! Completing the duo that is #leahandshauna, there's never a dull moment as these two "train" for their "antics" around the world! ;)

"I hadn't fully appreciated the importance of good chalk and how it can affect your performance until I tried Friction Labs. I mean, how much difference could it make? As climbing is a friction dependant sport, I quickly found out... a lot! Chalk really does matter. Once you try FL, you'll never go back!" Photo: @thecircuitclimbing

Leah Crane

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Leah Crane

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