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How To Make an Injured Climber 😉

Joslynn Corredor is a climber, strength coach, and nutritionist who specializes in functional movement. That means she hones in on all the stuff we (as climbers) do wrong and then tells us how to fix them! (The following article is written with a touch of sarcasm. If you do not speak sarcasm, you might want to skip this post.)

Disclaimer: Everything below describes what NOT to do and how you can get injured. If you have pain, talk to your physical therapist or doctor.



Tight traps
Neck issues
Wrist pain
Shoulder pain
Cranky climber 'tude


TEXT NECK:  Hold your phone low, keep forward head posture, hunch over and voila! You’ve created upper back muscle pain, shoulder pain, and tightness. Research shows there could be long-term effects relating to texting and neck/upper back pain; just what every climber wants!
WRIST ISSUES: Make sure to not lock your wrists when climbing. Keep them loose so all the torque goes to the lateral side of your wrists. Another great way to obtain wrist issues? Type on your computer whilst sitting on the couch; you’ll have a ton of torque on your wrist! High-fives here: _________.
SHOULDER PAIN. DO NOT  warm-up before climbing. Disengage shoulders when going for dynamic moves. Keep hunching and keep your head forward (also preferably strained) when doing push-ups.

Hate Injuries? Weird...you can do these things instead:

Listen to your body
Engage shoulder muscles, especially with dynamic movement
Stand up straight! (Turns out your mom was right.)
Don't hunch while on your phone
Warm-up before climbing
Follow Joslynn @bodyenroute and stay tuned to the FL Blog!
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