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FrictionLabs Athlete / underground cranker / Tension Climbing homie Tristan Chen takes down Fred Nicole's OG North Mountain stunner, Esperanza, V14 in Hueco Tanks, TX. Siiiiiiick work Tristan!

Video: TChenEdit: PDrizzll Music: ES_Clockwork - Cushy

#chalkupless #climbmore #frictionlabs #brushyourticks #goforthandcrush

Ooops, she did it again! (caution adult language) FrictionLabs Pro Alex Puccio takes on the Leavenworth, WA test-piece The Penrose Step, V14! Alex returns for a rematch on the granite goodness of the PNW... This time, taking down Beautification, V11, Turbulence, V12 and the main event The Penrose Step, V14 (fa by fellow FL Pro Carlo Traversi).

Scope it. Get psyched. Go send your projects.

#chalkupless #climbmore #frictionlabs

Video: Joel Zerr

Music: YouTube Creator Studio: Track 1 Oh Wee by Mikos De Gawd Track 2 Trapped by Yung Logos Track 3 Echoes by Yung Logos

FrictionLabs Pro Michaela Kiersch (with help from partner in crime, Nina Willams) tops out the crimpy classic, A Maze of Death, V12 in the Milks! Strong work Michaela! As you can see, psych is high with these two... Rad.

Music: In And Out Of Love (Tigerblood Jewel Remix)

The Eastern Plain - Epidemic SoundsVideo

Edit: PDrizzll

#chalkupless #climbmore #frictionlabs

It's a throwback Weekly MO... FrictionLabs Pro Daniel Woods establishes the unrepeated test-piece, Everything Gneiss, V14 in Clear Creek Canyon, CO.

Who's next to top this one out?!?

Video: Nathaniel Davison and Paul Dusatko

Music: 1. 14 til - Anti Lilly & Phoniks2. Zephyr - Headphone Activist

#chalkupless #climbmore #frictionlabs #weeklymotivation

FrictionLabs Athletes Jeremy Fullerton, Juliet Hammer, and Sam Sommers score primo temps in Joe's Valley!

The tick list: Dirty Harry, V7 : Apple Bottom Jeans, V10 : Superman, V10. Scope it, get psyched, go to Joe's. ;)

Video: Jeremy FullertonMusic: Lunatic by _91Ultra (Epidemic Sounds)

#chalkupless #climbmore #frictionlabs #video #motivation

FrictionLabs Pro Clément Lechaptois and partner, Marine Thevenet headed to South Africa and took down a few mega classics plus a "nemesis rig..." Strong work crew! Until next season, here's a sample of what Cape Town and the Rocklands has to offer.

Video by: Clément Lechaptois

#chalkupless #climbmore #frictionlabs

rictionLabs Pro Keenan Takahashi straps on his board shorts for the misty/airy first ascent of Panta Rhei (Everything Flows) V7/8 in Shannon Falls Provincial Park, British Columbia. Siiiiiiiick Keenan! What a beaut!

Video: KTS @kevintakashismith

Keenan's favorite FL blend? Secret Stuff + Bam Bam (chunky)

#chalkupless #climbmore #frictionlabs

FrictionLabs Athlete Jeremy Fullerton cranks on through Daniel Woods' power/tension block Death Trout, V13 in Lincoln Lake, CO aka Wolvo.

Jeremy's favorite blend? Secret Stuff (liquid chalk) + Bam Bam (Super Chunky)

#weeklymotivation #chalkupless #climbmore #frictionlabs

New addition to the FrictionLabs Pro squad, @shawnraboutou keeps it “casual” on the infamously morpho, Sky, V13 in Rocklands, ZA. 🇿🇦

The FL crew had an impressive trip to South Africa, repeating old school classics—while establishing new school test-pieces. Keep an eye out for Shawn’s full length video from the trip dropping soon! 👊🤘💯

Camera: @dawoods89 #weeklymo(tivation)

Shawn’s favorite FL blend? Gorilla Grip (medium chunky)

#chalkupless #climbmore #frictionlabs

Momentum Lehi GM / FL Athlete Chris Healy ticks off the uber classic, The Dali, V9 in Mt Evans, Area A, CO. Chris made quick work of this and the tricky Seurat, both stand out "must dos" of the area. Nice work Chris!Music: Take Cover - Josh Gram (Epidemic Sounds)Chris' fav FL blend? Secret Stuff + Gorilla Grip.#chalkupless#climbmore#weeklymo(tivation)FrictionLabs.com

FrictionLabs Pro Paul Robinson and FL Athlete Cesar Valencia spend one month in Grampians National Park, Australia, knocking out classics (on some of the world’s best sandstone), dodging kangaroos, and making new friends. Fun times for the squad in the land of Oz! 

Featured boulders: Dos Manos V10, In The Cloud v11, Wheels on The Ute v11, and Great Expectations v10.

Video by CeeZar and PRob

#chalkupless #climbmore #frictionlabs 

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