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Share Your Impossible

We started FrictionLabs to make the best chalk. Soon after, we realized that in many ways the idea of great chalk is just a metaphor for pushing limits and giving your all - otherwise, any chalk would be fine.

Climb Your Impossible

We believe that everyone performs best when they feel psyched. So we made it our mission to equip climbers with not only the products, but also the knowledge and inspiration that lay the foundation for you to feel active, invested, purposeful, and successful...psyched.

We’ve been humbled by the incredible response to our latest climber profiles & stories being shared on the Climb Your Impossible blog. We’ve been putting a lot of energy into interviewing & blogging because we think there is so much opportunity to fuel psych within our passionate community.

We’ve heard stories from so many of you about how you got started climbing and what brings you back. Again and again, these stories involve overcoming a personal challenge. There seem to be a handful of moments where you faced something daunting and overcame it - a committing move, a dyno, a big reach for the top.

These stories not only motivate everyone here at FrictionLabs, but also the greater climbing community. After all, stories move us, they inspire us, and they drive us to do things we never thought were possible. That's why, starting today, we're inviting YOU to Share Your Impossible!

Friction Labs® Loose Chalk
Friction Labs® Loose Chalk

What is Share Your Impossible?

Share Your Impossible is meant to bring the community together by creating a space for climbers to share experiences and perspectives with fellow climbing fanatics.

We’d be pumped if you would share your story with the community. Whether you’re a beginner or pro, an indoor or outdoor climber, seeing someone try hard and succeed is psych-fuel for any climber. Help us create a place for these inspiring stories by contributing yours!

Here’s How It All Works

To get the party started, comment on this blog post with your story about your A-HA moment - the instant you realized climbing was for you. Where were you? Was it in a gym or outside? What thoughts were racing through your mind? How did you feel when it was all over? Don’t forget to throw in an epic photo of you crushing it!

Get It
Get It

What Happens Next

Over the coming days, we will be reviewing all the awesome stories you’ve shared with us looking for the most powerful and inspiring tales. The following week, you could see your story shared right here on the blog, along with fellow climbers who are crushing it as hard as you are!

After all, climbing is not about celebrities and products - it’s about the rush you get when you come face-to-face with a problem that’s larger than life. That feeling when you reach the top, just when you thought you didn’t have anything left in the tank.

It’s time to Share Your Impossible.

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