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Rock Climbing

Climb Your Impossible

Until you’ve done it, climbing can seem so pointless. Go up this accident of holds and shapes and features. Then come down. No baskets, no goals, no touchdowns. No objective measure of anything at all. And a whole lot of failure...

...Then you pull off the ground. Your hands and feet come to life. Whatever you had on your mind disappears. The climb is suddenly your whole world. Pointless turns into undeniable purpose: get the next hold.

Inevitably, you fall. Maybe it was a fluke, maybe it wasn’t. Either way, this pointless accident now defines your potential. What seemed silly a moment earlier threatens to be a tangible, objective limit of what you’re capable of.

As climbers, we cherish this moment. It defines why we climb: to seek a limit and break through it. At our best, we’re inspired to define and redefine what’s possible for ourselves.

In this sport, you won’t enjoy the tidy convenience of winning or losing. No scoreboard will confirm your strength or tell the story of your mistakes. The facts are strictly personal. Others may guide you, but they’ll never create your truth.

The only certainty we have is this: possible and impossible are entirely yours to define.

So go ahead. Throw yourself at it. Try that crazy idea. Pull hard. Flail. Glide. Scream. Float. Growl. Do it beautifully. Do it sloppily. Try hard. Find your limit. Find your way. Then look down. Climb Your Impossible.

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