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FrictionLabs Athlete Cesar Valencia cranks Qigong V9 in Eldorado Canyon State Park!

It's another Eldo Weekly MO! FrictionLabs Athlete Cesar Valencia sends the classic Eldorado Canyon boulder Qigong V9. This fun sloper line was established by none other than FrictionLabs Pro Chris Schulte. (Also know as Schulte Arete). 

 Cesar attests: "This line is technical, powerful and a bit subtle from beginning to end as well as extremely aesthetic. Qigong pronounced (Che-Gong) is defined as a Chinese system of physical exercises and breathing control related to tai chi. This is a perfect name because you need to breath and stay in control through the subtle movements on the razor sharp crimps. Spectacular boulder only 2 mins from the car in the amazing Eldorado Canyon State Park. Get psyched and get after it!" 

Video by Cesar and Naomi :) FrictionLabs.com #FrictionLabs#ChalkMatters

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